I Was Small, But Now I’m Tall has been featured in the Perinatal Gazette.

This is such an honor. Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, a member of WMC Heath, holds such a place in my heart. My daughter spent 121 days in their NICU and that is what my book is about. The Perinatal Gazette is a regional perinatal newsletter written by the staff at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital to share current medical breakthroughs, celebrate their patient and staff accomplishments and to showcase their amazing work in perinatology and patient care.

The Perinatal Gazette is not online yet, but you can view my article in the images below.

Perinatal Gazette


Jennifer Degl

Perinatal Gazette

Perinatal Gazette

Thank you for your support. Please consider sharing I Was Small, But Now I’m Tall with any family who delivered a premature or medially fragile baby that spent time the NICU. I promise they will love it and it will inspire them.

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