Last month I had the privilege to speak at the Prolacta Bioscience Virtual Town Hall.

It was such an honor to speak to their staff and share my story as a NICU parent. The title of my presentation was  “A Walk in My Shoes: The Impact of Pregnancy and NICU Trauma from a Parent Perspective and How it Changed Me” and I was able to record it ahead of time and present it to the staff and be available for a Q&A session afterwards. 

Virtual Town Hall
Although I’ve shared my story many times and presented it at over 25 conferences, this one was special. I have been a believer in all of Prolacta’s mission and products for a long time. I even spoke alongside Prolacta at the New York State Medicaid hearing in Albany in 2017, where I advocated for pasteurized human milk to be covered for qualified babies. It passed!

Donor Milk
It was so rewarding to share my story with people who are hard at work each day to improve the lives of premature babies. 

Prolacta Bioscience

I always conclude my presentations by sharing resources that can help the attendees gain a better understanding of high-risk pregnancies, NICU stays and premature births. There are so many helpful and reliable resources to share.

Prolacta Bioscience

Please check out Prolacta’s website to learn more about their products, including their donor milk and human milk fortifiers and more. 


Thank you for your continued support and we’ll catch up again soon!