Earlier this month, I had the pleasure to speak to the Research and Development Department at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. I was asked to share our story with the company. It’s not always easy to share both the details of what happened to me during my pregnancy and the struggles my daughter went through in the NICU with a group of strangers. I do it to spread awareness. This particular speaking engagement was important to me because Takeda’s R&D Department are working on a drug that could dramatically change the lives of premature babies. I am not at liberty to share exactly what they are doing, but I hope that the information will soon be available to the public and that their trials are successful so that they can make this drug available to premature and medically fragile babies.


It was really an honor to speak to this group. Several members of the audience asked questions that proved to me that they are serious about helping premature babies. What should also be considered important is the fact that they invited a preemie parent to speak to their company. They value the real life experiences of NICU families and they want to involve parents in their work.


It was such an honor to speak at Takeda Pharmaceutical for the second time and I hope I’m invited back again in the future.

Check back here soon because I am excited to share that I am recording a Podcast for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) next month!