It’s Launch Day!

It’s Go Day!

It’s Pub Day!

I Was Small, But Now I’m Tall is now available!

Please join me in my celebrations!

This is my 3rd book and by far my favorite!

I Was Small But Now I'm Tall

I Was Small, But Now I’m Tall is an engaging book for a child who was born prematurely, telling the tale of their earliest days in life in simple terms that kids can relate to. It tells the story of a baby that was born much too early and spent many months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This premature baby, like many others, overcame the obstacles that threatened her survival and grew into a strong child.

It was not easy to make lemons out of lemonade, but I have been trying to take my traumatic pregnancy and my daughter’s premature birth and turn it into a learning experience that I can share with others to support them. We all need a little support sometimes.

I have been blessed with an incredibly talented illustrator- Jennifer Lynn Becker, many friends and family members and my four children who always encourage me to keep writing. I do this for them and to help other families who are experiencing a similar journey.

I have some glowing reviews to share with you that I am super proud of. Check them out:

I Was Small But Now I'm Tall

“I Was Small But Now I’m Tall is a wonderful book showing how one child overcame numerous challenges and emerged victoriously. This feel-good story may help other children born prematurely or others struggling with challenges. Author Jennifer Degl offers encouragement for children and their parents who may be experiencing problems reaching milestones like other growing children. I like the comparisons of her size – “And I weighed 2 ounces less than a basketball” – so people get a true feeling of how small and light she really was. Imagine holding a baby in the palm of your hand. Children will love the rhyming words, while parents will enjoy the subtle messages.”

Reader’s Favorite

I Was Small But Now I'm Tall

“I Was Small, But Now I’m Tall is an engaging book for a child who was born prematurely, telling the tale of their earliest days in life in simple terms that kids can relate to. With its whimsical illustrations, the book provides a fun way for parents to share their own stories of concern and caring with their growing child. Families will enjoy reading this book with their former preemie, and celebrating the life they share today.”

-Sue Hall MD, MSW, Neonatologist

I Was Small But Now I'm Tall

“I Was Small, But Now I’m Tall, is the second children’s book written by Jennifer Degl, who once again succeeds at bringing comforting words and insurmountable hope to families who experience the trauma of delivering a fragile and premature baby. Degl has created an easy to read story with capturing graphics, while skillfully transforming her story into a book that so many other parents and families will be able to relate to and benefit from. I was Small, But Now I’m Tall will be a treasured story for hundreds of parents and children for years to come, and undoubtedly will be on my recommended reading list for the NICU families I care for.”

-Sara Mosher RN, President of Patient+Family Care, NICU Nurse

I WasSmall But Now I'm Tall

“This is a much needed book to help our preemie children understand how far they have come. Well done!”

– Kristy Love, Executive Director, National Perinatal Association

“When you have a baby born preterm or with medical complications it is a challenge to find children’s books written for your baby. You’re often left feeling quite isolated because your child’s birth story isn’t what is depicted in most books about babies. Jennifer’s latest book is a story told with love, hope and a dash of humor that gives us NICU parents a wonderful addition to our baby’s book collection. I am so grateful to Jennifer for giving us this book to share with our kids.”

-Keira Sorrells, NICU mom & Executive Director NICU Parent Network


I Was Small But Now I’m Tall also won the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award! You can read about that HERE.

Mom's Choice Awa

You can view the interior of the book on my publisher’s page, HERE.

You can purchase it on Amazon, HERE.

You can purchase it on Barnes & Noble, HERE.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

November is National Prematurity Awareness Month and November 17th is World Prematurity Day. Check back to see what’s coming up!

World Prematurity Day

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