Stuck in Bed: The pregnancy bed rest picture book for kids … and moms just got a great book review!

Our book review is from Rita Plush, of the Fire Island News. Please click HERE to read it. It’s amazing and we are thankful and so excited to share it with you. The title of the review is pretty great too. It’s called “Two Very Different But Important Books”-thanks, Rita!


It’s not just a regular book review, it’s a book review sharing how Stuck in Bed is an important book and resource for moms and families experiencing a high risk pregnancy and bed rest.

We (me and co-author Angela Davids from KeepEmCookin.com) love when our book is talked about and recommended to help pregnant moms. That’s why we wrote it!


Rita says “Lighthearted and informative too, spreads contain upbeat rhymes moms can read to their children and a practical “Tip!” that will help their families cope. Facing pages illustrated by Jennifer Lynn Baker depict the text with an abundance of blue and yellows, imparting both a calm and sunny atmosphere. Round faces and forms enhance the cheerful tone of the book.”


“From the research I did and the online reviews I read, I found very few books that address the subject of mothers on bed rest. “Stuck in Bed” fills an important niche for those families who are affected, and will help young children understand a difficult situation.”

Thank you Rita!

Also included in this book review article is a another book of value to young women and families with young girls. It’s called Raise Your Hand by Alice Paul Tapper. The book shared the message that girls should have confidence, step up and become leaders by raising their hands. It’s a great book and we love it.


If you haven’t had a chance to read Stuck In Bed, please take this opportunity to do so.

Stuck in Bed: The pregnancy bed rest picture book for kids … and moms is a book about pregnancy bed rest from a child’s perspective. Kids ask a lot of questions, and this mom answers them with optimism and excitement. She reassures her son that although things will be different for a little while, the two of them can have a lot of fun in the meantime!

Moms having a high-risk pregnancy can also use some reassurance, so we’ve included tips for you about how you can still be a fantastic mom, even when you’re stuck in bed. We’ll also show you how to make the most of your time together and guide you in talking to your child about bed rest in a positive way.


Thanks for reading and please check out Raise Your Hand and Stuck in Bed: The pregnancy bed rest picture book for kids … and moms .

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